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Zip Lining In Cebu

After enjoying sun and delighting in Cebu’s flawless shores, the next fun activity in your schedule should be zip lining over the treetops and ravines feeling the cool wind in your face.

Cebu offers more than a handful of zip line escapades that will allow thrill seekers and nature lovers to delight in the province?s natural beauty.

Located in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Doce Pares Mountain Training Park is a standout amongst the most accessible places offering zip line escapades in Cebu City. The extra charge is just Php25 and the 180-meter zip line course costs Php100.

The recreation center, which opened in 2009, is supervised by Doce Pares International. The zip line was intended for aerial combat demonstrations as the organization is an advocate of Filipino martial arts.The spot additionally has rappelling facilities and a cafe.

Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is settled in Silot Bay, Poblacion, Liloan, offering both laid-back and exciting activities. In the event that fishing is too ordinary for you, soar through Papa Kit’s 800-meter zip line, which just fetches Php200. Enjoy the wonderful view as you are taken to another island and back.

You might likewise go horseback riding, ride a glass boat or rent their Bmx bikes. The entrance fee is Php100, which is consumable on food and fishing.

Soar up to 50 feet off the ground at Danasan Adventure Park’s 440-meter zip line for just Php250, which additionally includes a couple of minutes of horseback riding. This 133-hectare enclave is found at Barangay Danasan, Danao City, Cebu.

The entrance fee for this adventure is only Php25. The park has fresh water springs, captivating caves and a man-made lake that visitors can enjoy for corresponding charges. Other fun-filled exercises are trekking, biking, wall climbing, waterfall exploration and rappelling, river trekking, and wake boarding.

Experience the longest and quickest zip line course in Cebu found at K33 A Green Adventure. The activity zone in the hills of Ga-as, Balamban, was made to generate long-term revenue and help restore the exposed watershed regions in Cebu.

You could zip through the 300-meter way in 28 to 33 seconds, while the 220-meter return takes 42 seconds. Zip line in sitting position costs Php150, while superman position is Php180.

After your exciting zip line experience, you might head to the view deck to unwind and have a few snacks and Batangas coffee.
Adventure Caf?, the first resto adventure cafe in the Philippines, is a must-visit place that offers zip line exercises. Owned by Ga-as Eco Adventure Park, the area is known for its zip and rappel activities, where adventure seekers speed through the 260-meter cable ropes and have the choice to rappel 180 feet down, and after that climb back once more to the base. Zip lining expenses Php100 on weekdays and Php150 throughout weekends and occasions, while rappelling is Php100. It also offers trekking, rope courses, spelunking, bouldering, wall climbing, and guided falls and caving trips.

Adventure Caf?’s menu has fascinating categories, for example Camping Soup, Main Adventures (main dishes, Survival Canisters (frosty refreshments) Hot Canisters (hot drinks), Sweet Adventures (desserts and sweets), Fullutan Adventures (beer matches), and Extra Adventures (meal add-ons). Their specialties include Burgers Crossing (Adventure Caf?’s special burger), Rappeler’s Special (grilled porkchop with fries, corn and vegetables) and Zipliner’s Steak (sizzling burger patties with gravy served with fries and corn).

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