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Mactan Shrine

Mactan is the historical site where the courageous warrior Lapu-lapu and his men triumphed the battle over the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan’s armada with cannons, swords, guns and body armor against the bolos and shields of the locals on April 27, 1521.

Built at the middle of the Mactan Shrine is the life-size bronze statue of Lapu-lapu in his honor and to remember the battle of Mactan.

The Mactan Shrine, which is dedicated in honor of Lapu-Lapu, Ferdinand Magellan, and the Battle of Mactan.Going back to our history, Lapu-Lapu was the local chieftain of Mactan Island, and he opposed the deliberations of Magellan to convert his people to Christianity and to be subjected to the throne of Spain. The ensuing battle on April 27, 1521 between the Spaniards and Lapu-Lapu and his men resulted to the death of Magellan. The shrine was raised on the supposed spot where the battle occurred.

The most noticeable landmarks in Mactan Shrine is a bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu holding a bolo and shield and a obelisk devoted to Magellan, which was raised in 1866. The obelisk is the one in the middle of the circle while Lapu-Lapu’s statue is at the square area 50 meters north, beside the shore where the Battle of Mactan is reenacted yearly in the Kadaugan sa Mactan celebration. Between the two landmarks stands the Philippine flag, and to the east of the obelisk is a little building containing a plinth with plaques on both sides, one about Lapu-Lapu, and the other about Magellan. Behind the plinth is a painting portraying the battle.

Getting There: From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, you can find the taxi cabs outside the arrival area and tell the driver to drop you at Mactan Shrine. You can also have a rental car to pick you up from the airport. They usually have a fixed rate, plus you can tour around Cebu without hassle. The shrine is located at Punta Enga?o, Lapu-Lapu City and is just a few meters away from Shangri-la Mactan. Entering the park is free of charge. A number of souvenir stores can be found at the right side corner of the compound.

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