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Pescador Island

Pescador Island is a well-known marine stop in Moalboal. It is a little island near Moalboal arranged at the west shore of Cebu. The waters are greatly profound (600 m in Ta?on Strait), clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), cool in temperature (27-29?c) and rich in biodiversity.

Pescador Island is each diver’s dream, with its simple access from the shore and extensive variety of dive destinations from shallow to deep dives. It is also a phenomenal place to set out for some snorkeling. The waters’ visibility here is normally very clear and you can delight in the beautiful corals that are abundant in the area. It has a plateau that encompasses the island. On the northeast side of the reef plateau, one can uncover some large rocks and coral heads that magnificently reach the surface. The reef plateau inclines down to around 8?10 meters where it then drops vertically into the abyss. It is a wall dive with shades and little sinkholes and gaps in the reef holes where one can enter and exit. Vivid acropora and stony hard corals are seen on the upper level.

Going deeper, you can see amazing soft corals. You would ordinarily find stonefish and white frogfish on the reef wall. The reef is abounding with life and you can enjoy swimming with turtles, frogfish, pilot fish, nudibranchs and numerous species of reef fish. There are also lionfish, snappers, groupers, scorpion fish and sweetlips you can find at each profundity. On deeper swoops, whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks are not exceptional. There are additionally tiger sharks and thresher sharks that appear less habitually. Block coral, sponges and sea fans will additionally interest you. The southwest side of the plateau is very comparative in topography. There you can likewise find pink and blue soft corals.

For sure, the entire island is a diving endeavor with a lot to discover for your self. Revel in a dynamic and fascinating plunge at Pescador Island, where each dive is an underwater amazement.

Getting There: To get to Pescador Island you have to travel to Moalboal first and to get there you need a bus ride from the South Bus Terminal. When you take a bus ride, you?ll be dropped off the corner street going to Basdaku, Moalboal ? then you still have to take a motorcycle ride (habal-habal or tricycle). If you travel as a group and want less hassle you can rent a car or a van. A lot of car rentals are offering services to this area.There are a lot of boats or banka?s for rent in the place ? just negotiate with the bankeros there for you to get the best deal. It is a 30 to 40 minute travel to get to Pescador Island from the shores of Basdaku.

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