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Osme?a Peak

Osme?a Peak is found in the Municipality of Dalaguete in the province of Cebu. The peak is more or less 1,000 meters above sea level making it the most elevated peak in the island of Cebu.

The peak is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, which is special from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its different multiple jagged mounts amassed together that overlook and extend as far as the Badian shorelines. The highest of these hills is the Osme?a Peak named in honor of the really famous Osme?a family in Cebu.

The appearance of the Mantalungon range is just about comparable in structure to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol yet the peaks of the ranges are more slender, more sharper-pointed and rough. Unlike the Chocolate Hills, the crests of the Mantalungon ranges group very close to one another and give the impression of being formed from rocks that have made it through time.

When you reach the Osme?a Peak, you get a 360-degree view of the southwestern coastline of Cebu, and you even see the province of Negros Oriental. But, the peak range is fenced and under private possession. A lot manager gathers no less than 20 pesos from every climber that enters the area and there is a campground a couple of meters down the peak. The campground has a comfort room and a bunkhouse accessible to public for an expense.

Osme?a Peak and the Mantalungon range are open to explorers and mountain climbers throughout the entire year yet it is best to climb the peak in the first half of the year since the rainy season is from June to October. The peak and mountain ranges became wet and slippery throughout the rainy season.

Mantalungon is well known as the summer capital of Cebu in light of the fact that it is 700 to 800 meters above sea level giving it a plesant atmosphere lasting all year round. The height has made the village a perfect place to bloom flowers, vegetables and other high-quality crops, which gives Mantalungon the notoriety of being the vegetable basket of Cebu.

Held each year is the Utanon Festival, a festival of dance and music as thanksgiving for the great harvest of Mantalungon. Utanon is the Cebuano word for vegetables. Numerous locals and foreign tourists visit the village throughout summer because of its cool atmosphere.

Getting There: First, you need to be in Cebu South Bus Terminal. From there, you can ride a bus that is going to Dalaguete or Bato-Oslob. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the corner going to Mantalungon. Then, take a habal-habal(motorcycle) to Manatalongon Market Proper. At that point it would be an hour-and-a-half hike or two in going up to the peak. To save time and have a safe and worry-free trip, you can rent a van in going to Mantalungon. By having a car service of your own you can always arrange your pick up time and enjoy your time in traversing the mountain.

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