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Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is a private museum, art display and nature reserve, run by the Jumalon Foundation. It is located in Julian N. Jumalon St. (previous Macopa St.) Basak, Pardo, Cebu City, Philippines. Built in 1974, it initially served as a residence of the late Cebuano lepidopterist Julian Jumalon. Prof. Jumalon amassed a vast accumulation of butterflies through his travels worldwide and by exchanging local Philippine species with foreign ones. Jumalon’s interest with Lepidopterans did not only close in having them saved and confined. He wanted the butterflies close by particularly the uncommon ones. So to welcome these insects he planted his home with butterfly food plants. He additionally got live examples and discharged them in his enclosure. His butterfly collection is known to be the most seasoned and maybe the most amazing in the Philippines.

At his death, a foundation (Julian N. Jumalon Foundation, Inc.) was made by his children and grand kids to foster to his gathering and the compound which, prior to the founder’s demise, has turned into a vacation destination.

Inside the compound is a salon and a garden. The garden is a gathering of a hundred butterfly food plant species. Among these plants ripples around 50 local and foreign types of butterflies. Some rare species are brought forth in captivity and later discharged.

Inside the salon is Jumalon’s collection of butterflies and different other creepy crawlies. Also discovered inside are the histories of butterfly species. The salon additionally houses the paintings and other different works of Jumalon, who was likewise a craftsman and an artist. Most famous around his works is his mosaics made truly of butterly wings (lepido mosaic) from damaged butterfly taken from his collection and different other collections around the world. These mosaics portray numerous places around Cebu City and National Heroes among others.

Getting There: The Butterfly Sanctuary is located at Macopa Street, Basak, Pardo Cebu City near the Basak Elementary School. In getting there, you can ride a jeepney with a “Basak, Pardo” signage. You can also ride a taxi cab and tell the taxi driver to take you to Macopa Street Basak, Pardo. For less hassle, you can also try renting a car and tour around other destinations in Cebu with affordable rates.