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Fort San Pedro

Fuerza de San Pedro is a military defense structure, fabricated by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano labourers under the charge of Spanish conquistador, Miguel L?pez de Legazpi and the Spanish Government in Cebu. It is located in the place now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the Pier Area of Cebu City.

The smallest, oldest triangular bastion post in the nation was built in 1738 to repulse Muslim plunderers. Thusly, it served as a fortification for Filipino revolutionaries near the end of the 19th century. This served as the core of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines.

The fortification is triangular in shape, with two sides confronting the ocean and the third side fronting the land. The two sides confronting the ocean were safeguarded with cannons and the front with a strong palisade made of wood. The three bastions were named La Concepci?n (SW); Ignacio de Loyola (SE), and San Miguel (NE). It has an aggregate inside territory of 2,025 square metres (21,800 sq ft). The dividers are 20 feet (6.1 m) high, 8 feet (2.4 m) thick and the towers are 30 feet (9.1 m) high starting from the ground. The circumference is 1,248 feet (380 m). The sides are of unequal lengths and the one fronting the city is the place one may find entrance into the Fort. Fourteen cannons were mounted in their emplacements the vast majority of which are still there today. Work initially began on May 8, 1565 with Miguel Lop?z de Legazpi getting things started.

Getting There: Fort San Pedro is one of the well-known travel destinations in Cebu. Going there you can ride a taxi or a jeepney. You can ride a jeepney with a “Jones-Colon” sign.Tell the driver that you are going to Fort San Pedro and to please drop you off at it’s location. If you are from the Magellan?s Cross, you can walk to Fort San Pedro. Facing the entrance to the Magellan?s Cross or the city hall (away from the Basilica), turn left and walk (you will be passing by the side of the Islands Souvenir and Sampaguita Suites). When you reach the highway already, the park just in front is the Plaza Independencia. Get inside the park and head towards Fort San Pedro which is just across the park. You can also rent a car in Cebu so you can easily travel to its historical landmarks. Going to Cebu City tourist spots like Magellan?s Cross and Fort San Pedro is easy because the city tourist attractions and historical landmarks are quite near from each other.

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