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Cold Springs In Cebu

Aside from the vibrant beach resorts in Cebu, various cold springs anticipate tourists who have a voracious hunger for natural springs. Scattered in the edge of the remote towns in the island of Cebu, spring waters exists in districts like Tuburan, Balamban, Dalaguete, Tabogon, and Carmen.

Molobolo Spring

Found in the town of Tuburan is the Molobolo Spring, a top choice hang out and side trek destination of both local and foreign vacationers. Tuburan is gifted with the plenitude of springs, which explains the evolution of the town’s name. Furthermore, the word “Tuburan” hails from the Visayan lingo “tubod,” which means spring.

The cool fresh water that hails from the Molobolo Spring streams directly to a large rectangular pool, where guests can revive their dry forms from the hotness of the sun. Throughout high tide, the water from the cold spring streams out to the sea, which is just in close vicinity to the spring pool.

Mantawihan Spring

Still located in Tuburan is another vacation spot, the Mantawihan cold spring. This decently enjoyed destination offers tourists an opportunity to appreciate the quietness and excellence of nature. The cool and invigorating spring water gives a mitigating and unwinding feeling to one’s physique.

Aside from spring resorts, there are numerous different spots in Tuburan you should think about going to. Have an adventure filled outing as you visit their Marmol Cave, which has spectacular landscape. You can also try stopping over at the Tuburan Church, which was built 1857 but still bears a stylish and rich exterior. Provided that you’re lucky enough to visit the town of Tuburan throughout the month of June, you can join the Tuburanhons in celebrating the Tubod Festival, which is their annual festivity honor of their patron saint San Antonio de Padua.

Obong Spring

The Obong Spring is located in the municipality of Dalaguete, which takes about over two hours of travel time from the city. This spring is an exceptionally well known side trip destination, particularly during summer. Tourists and locals appreciate taking a plunge into the fresh water pool or simply stopping by for a while to enjoy the cool and calm environment. The Obong Spring is a mix of both fresh and salt water. This is so because of the fact that throughout the high tide, the continous stream of the spring water has a tendency to blend with the sea water that is just in close to the shore.

Obong Spring is a perfect put for barkada ventures or family summer getaways. For a minimal charge, you can have a fortifying and unforgettable experience with one of nature’s priceless blessing.

Uragay Spring

Another spot that is ideal for the whole family and friends to unwind and relax is the Uragay Spring. Overall reputed to be the Uruguay Spring, this oasis is situated in the peaceful and unassuming town of Carmen, practically 42 kilometers north of Cebu City. This cold spring has a large pool that goes pretty much as deep as 8 feet. There are also several cottages accessible for a minimal expense. It might be best for guests to carry their own food and refreshments as there is limited source inside the vicinity.

Cambuhawe Spring

Placed in Balamban, a remote town that is named as the shipbuilding capital of the Philippines is the Cambuhawe Spring. This cold spring is affectionately visited by locals and tourist alike, particularly throughout summer. With its gigantic swimming pool, you can have a refreshing plunge into its fresh new waters.

Extra charges are gathered at a minimal expense, which is utilized for the maintenance of the swimming pool. Balamban could be arrived at in roughly one to two hours from the city.

Guiwanon Spring

The Guiwanon Spring is a combination of both fresh and sea water. The spring water hails from underneath the pool, which is appended by salt water throughout the high tide. As this spring isn’t completely improved like other cold spring resorts, it has held its natural magnificence. The guests can’t resist the opportunity to be enticed to take a plunge into its cool waters. Tourists generally just drop by the spot to take a plunge briefly since there are insufficient bungalows to indulge all guests. Anyway, for the individuals who appreciate a rancher sort of adventure, they can select to unwind or have an outing under the shade of a giant tree adjacent to the pool.

The Guiwanon Spring is placed in Tabogon.

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